Solar Company

Solar Company

  • 10,000+ Leads
  • $100/Day Budget
  • $995,098.67 Invested
Client: Solar Company
The brand is well on its path to boost its scaling positively with great returns -

Challenge And Solutions

The company is a solar brand selling and enabling solar systems, batteries, and inverters. The task was to bring more residential and commercial business leads planning to install solar systems.


With our PPC planning, strategy and optimisation tactics, the brand could drive leads that started contacting the company and initiated buying from the client. The mutual efforts by client and our team members got them back on generating more qualified leads which were falling in the last couple of quarters and the client realised more sales conversions.


We resolved the client’s business challenges, including a minimal budget, delivering quality leads that convert into the customer in a competitive price market and achieving high ad conversions in a brutally competitive marketplace.


We enabled and optimised PPC activities which enclosed Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing Ads. We assisted the client with tactics like brand analysis, product analysis, precise budget planning, explicit competitor analysis, market price and research, marketing channel selection, thorough campaign planning and advanced optimisation.


We started with a $100/day budget and delivered inquiries through calls and emails that converted into sales opportunities. The client increased the ad budget within a year from A$3000/month to A$50,000/month and, two years later, A$1,00,000/month for paid channels observing the quick success levels. So far, the client has invested $995,098.67 in just Google ads and continuing our PPC marketing services.


Our team delivered 10,000+ leads from all the channels, out of which 6222 were just from Google ads which are considered the best scenario in offering the highest sales opportunities.


Our team empowered the client’s online assets by working on their website’s technical analysis, augmenting website CRO, powering website re-design activities and tracking codes installation through a tag manager. We also worked on keywords and audience research to back client’s business-related tactics.


We further optimised the campaigns as per the client’s feedback, enabled tracking of bugs, and the optimisation focus was on improving lead quality for quicker sales conversions.



Comparison of Result

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10,000 +Leads
$100/day budget
$995,098.67 Invested

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