Clothing Brand

Clothing Brand

  • 4.8 Million Revenue
  • 719.22% Revenue Growth
  • 696.30% Transactions Raise
Client: Clothing Brand
The brand is well on its way to enabling business scaling confidently with 8x returns -

Challenge And Solutions

The company is a luxury clothing brand selling premium dresses, tops, and bottoms to new age women.


With our PPC planning and execution, the brand was able to bring back the attention of working women interested in and looking for modern clothing, which boosted sales for the client. Our teams PPC strategy, business planning and tactical efforts got the client back on higher profitability, which lessened in the last couple of quarters.


We helped the client to resolve its business challenges with the re-design of their complete website, smart campaign set up that too from scratch and enabled the accurate tracking of their planned campaigns with constant optimisations.


We created and enabled PPC campaigns through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. Our team assisted the client with comprehensive brand analysis, all-inclusive product analysis, timely budget planning, accurate marketing channel selection, and enhancements in campaign planning. We thoroughly worked on keywords and audience research with a target on both new and existing audiences.


Our team even enabled website technical analysis, optimised website CRO, facilitated tracking codes installation through tag manager and allowed tracking of bugs for the swift growth of client’s business initiatives.


Comparison of Result

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4.8 Million Revenue
719.22% Revenue Growth
696.30% Transactions Raise

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