ROI Focused Performance Marketing Solutions

As the best pay per click advertising company, we successfully deliver performance marketing solutions for result-oriented business outcomes.

eCommerce Marketing

We have proficiency in managing eCommerce marketing and advertising campaigns. Our teams have assisted entrepreneurs in scaling their online businesses through PPC campaign management services.

Lead Generation Services

We help generate qualified leads and new sales opportunities for a diverse range of businesses through highly convertible advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We help you enhance the user experience on the landing pages to advance the conversion rate. We do analytics health checks, user research, insights collection, and A/B tests.

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Performance Marketing Services We Offer

As a leading PPC campaign management company, here are the performance marketing services we provide to our valued client base.

Google Ads

We enable Google Ads campaigns by comprehending the business industry, business nature, historical data, competitor research, and bidding tactics. Our team has optimised numerous Google Ads accounts that had undesirable ROI.

FB & Instagram Ads

Our team has facilitated Facebook & Instagram advertising accounts to generate leads, enable eCommerce sales and local stores. Get in touch to get an explicit audit report of your current business status.

LinkedIn Ads

Our teams have generated qualified leads, driven digital traffic, and enabled brand awareness by leveraging LinkedIn ads. So, we let you create more B2B opportunities with paid LinkedIn marketing services.

Marketplace Ads

They are a category of ad placement that enables the sale of products that show up in the marketplace. Our teams leverage these ads to generate more sales opportunities, positive ROI and ACoS results for your business.

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We Know The Solution

Studying the business and its field.

Creating analytical report along with solutions

Discussion and implementation of given solutions

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Our Work Process for Enabling Best PPC Services

As the best PPC management company, let’s discover how our work process builds a foundation for swift growth without confining revenue and profitability.

1.Bringing out Brand's Precise Messaging

As the best pay per click advertising company, our teams don’t just take over your PPC marketing services. We explore your complete brand, services and products to interconnect with your audiences with the precise business messaging to turn them into loyal customers.

2.Build the Pillars of Marketing

No matter what phase of marketing you are in, we first find the marketing pillars of your business. Our teams comprehend your company strategies through the right insights that can powerfully stand on to nurture your business without the stress of falling down.

3.Enablement of Business Growth and Maturity

As an effective pay per click management company, we roll out the full execution plan for PPC services, directing strategic implementation and scalable business opportunities. This is where we enable your set goals with our PPC campaign management services.

4.Complete Control of Current & Futuristic Goals

It is finally time to put your leg on the accelerator and give yourself complete control of your business. You can scale up or down your business at any time through us. Furthermore, now we will only focus on retaining the clients and deciding on current and futuristic plans.

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Our Success Stories

Evaluable, Enhanced and Actual Results

Let us explore HND Solutions client stories enabling marketing projects with our best PPC services and solutions.

1. Fashion Accessories

Client’s Projected Returns were 10 Million of Revenue out of Sale, and We Delivered 14.2 Million.

The brand is well on its means to originating scaling positively with 212X returns -

YOY Growth
Conversion rate
YOY Growth
YOY Growth

2. Clothing Brand

Anticipated Returns by Client were 4X, and we Delivered 8X Returns with 4.8 Million in Revenue.

The brand is well on its way to enabling business scaling confidently with 8x returns -

4.8 MM
Total Revenue
Million Revenue
YOY Growth raise
YOY Growth

3. Solar Company

Delivered 10,000+ Leads from all the Channels, out of which 6222 were from Google Ads.

The brand is well on its path to boost its scaling positively with great returns

Per Day
Increase from $3000
Per Month
Per Month

4. Computer & Hardware Company

Achieved Minimum ROAS of 2X, and Highest ROAS Delivered was 5X with 27,414 Quality Conversions.

The brand is well on its way to commencing scaling assuredly with fruitful returns-

YOY improvements
Conversion Value
YOY enhancement
YOY advancement

Why Select HND Solutions for Best PPC Services?

We at HND Solution hold a team of dedicated PPC professionals who have successfully delivered marketing projects through PPC campaign management services.

1. We comprehend businesses and brands better than others.

Having worked with multiple businesses and brands, we comprehend the ins and outs of PPC marketing services from the founder’s view. The insights we collect are not merely numbers, and we assist brand owners in decoding them to make their businesses healthier every month.

2. Worked for SMEs as well as quick scaling businesses

We have worked with companies from the stage of setting up their business to companies that have been fully funded and even took many businesses to the funding stages through our best PPC services. Our industry specialisation is helpful for businesses of all scales.

3. Proven multi-industry practices for the best business results

Precisely utilising the best industry experience and practices for not merely your business niche offers us an edge over other competitor PPC companies working with a limited scope and market exposure.

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    FAQs on Delivering Best PPC Marketing Services

    How will it differ from what we are doing presently?

    We can give the answer to this query after a swift audit of your ad efforts. However, our effort diverges from other PPC service providers as we strategically and tactically figure out the marketing pillars in your advertising and then scale up for optimum results in your budget.

    How much would your PPC services cost?

    The cost would be clear after comprehending your budget investment and project scope. We don’t offer generic PPC solutions and set KPIs that are always towards your business profitability.

    What kind of businesses HND Solutions works for?

    We have successfully worked with varied categories of companies or medium to large-scale business budgets and of any industry niche. As long as we can assist you with your set PPC marketing objectives, we would like to work with you.

    What should I do if I'm looking forward to maturing my business with HND Solutions?

    In the section below, you can fill up the inquiry form, and we will reach out to you as quickly as possible to discuss your PPC marketing service requirements and possible advertisement solutions.